Bali Moon Dive / Ikan Dive

The construction of the club began in 2004 and continues every year.
Last year: new kitchen and rest area.
2014: New Nitrox compressor.
We have a place for you to eat and discuss your dives. Shower, toilets and also a spa with massage.

Staff of IKAN DIVE
Our team is balinese, 90 % Mawi's family and the rest of Padangbai.
We are, today, 21 people:
4 instructors (PADI, SSI and FFESSM), 2 divemasters and 1 in training, 5 drivers, 4 ship crews, 1 masseuse fixed, 1 secretary, 1 person responsible of diving equipment and material, 1 responsible for inflation and 2 night guards.

Massages,  scrubs, jacuzzi and so on.
Come and enjoy a good time relaxing after the dives or for non-divers also.

The Boats

The french language in the club
In 2012, we've given french lessons, but then to say that people speak french at the club : there is marginal.
They want to learn so thank you for talking the time to listen to them, help them by giving them new words.
I am the only one French in the club. it's a decision we made a long time ago in order to work with the Balinese first.

We are looking for guides speaking french, but it is not easy to Padangbai !!!

The boats - Panorama 2 and Panorama 4
2 carbon fiber boats, each equipped with 2 horses 200 engines.
Capacity: 12 passengers per boat and the crew and dive guides.
They allow to go to the dive sites of Gili Mimpang, Gili Tepekong but also to the sites around Nusa Penida with Manta Point. Not to mention Blue Lagoon!

We have  12L and 15L aluminum tanks accompanied  by 1 output reservoir, DIN or normal.
Few 10L tanks for young divers.
3 compressors including one dedicated to NITROX.

Our equipment is mainly SCUBAPRO brand.
An oxygen cylinder always embarked on dive trips.
The decompression chamber is located in Denpasar. From the club about 1 hour.
It depends on traffic...

A Tipical Day

  • Diving departures are usually between 8:30am and 9:00am. When you stay in Amed during the safari, we generally just pick you up at 9:00. On Pemuteran, the appointment is rather between 8:00 am and  8:30 am. The guide will specify the day before.
  • We make two dives on the morning :
  • First dive, surface interval (1h00-1h30) and second dive. Back in the early afternoon. So Nap it's after the dives.
  • In Tulamben and Amed, mainly starting range. Puri Jati: Starting from the beach. In Padangbai  we have 2 speed boats.
  • Lunch (included only the days of diving) is served at the club when you are in Padangbai.
  • Amed, Tulamben and Menjangan: you can choose to eat after the first or second dive.
  • For three dives day : the last will be late afternoon or early evening to dusk  according to the conditions and desires...
  • Night dive is mainly on Blue Lagoon...
The days of diving or on safari, you will have available on boats, water, towels and also extra weights to adjust your weights if needed during your stay.

The water temperature in Padangbai varies  depending on the season dives. From mid-July to October about the water can drop to 18-20 degrees. Other sites remain at 26-28 degrees. So if you come at this time, send me an email to see where we are in order to  choose the combination accordingly.
Only seasonal animal: mola-mola, from mid-August to late October about and if the water is cold.


We can customise these popular dive packages for you, so please