• White sand beach in the west,
  • Channel in the central bay,
  • Pura, Coral Garden, Blue Lagoon, Drop off and Tanjung Jepun in the east.
  • Jetty :  sometimes you can meet blue ring octopus.
Sometimes on Pura or Blue Lagoon: turtle and shark reef.

This area is mainly for small and tiny marine animals like nudibranchs, mantis shrimp, cuttlefish, leaf scorpionfish, weedy scorpionfish, frogfish, hippocames, syngnathes, stone fish, pegasus,  etc...

Blue Lagoon is very nice diving sites for photographers and it remains one of my favorite areas.
5 min by boat from IKANDIVE

(island in the south, about 35 or 45 mn by speed boat)
  • Manta point and Manta Bay :  2 manta's sites on Nusa Penida. Manta rays in Bali are there all year. But, to reiterate, we do not see them systematically. Most often we see the manta rays on the cleaning station to 6-10m, sometimes you have to look for 20-25m.
  • Crystal bay :  A bay in the channel between Nusa Penida and Nusa Cuningan. Good visibility, beautiful corals. A beautiful dive but the currents might be potentially very strong. You have to be really wary during the dive. It is also the best  known site for mola mola.
  • Sental, PED, SD :  Dives on the north coast of Nusa Penida. Beautiful corals, mola mola sometimes. These sites are drift dive sites, ranging from nice drifting to the TGV version...  The coast of Nusa Penida is specialized in seaweed farming.
  • Toyo Pakeh : Dive site at the channel entrance, nice dive but here again very strong currents with potential flush, etc... very nice when it is practicable.

(in front of Candidasa not Lombok)
  • Gili Mimpang : 3 big rocks in front of Candidasa. Dive site with strong potential current downdrafts and possible flush. The strengths of diving are sharks that are almost always there (white tip, black tip sometimes) and also mola mola in season. Beautiful corals at the rear of the site, sometimes turtles.
  • Gili Tepekong : Big rock always in front of Candidasa. Around this rock, many dive sites with strong potential current downdrafts and possible flush also. Here beautiful corals, lots of soft corals also sometimes pygmy seahorses, turtles, baby sharks in cave, mola mola also possible. Beautiful dives. These two sites are about 15 minutes by speed boat or 25 minutes by traditional boat.
  • Gili Biaha : Impassable during the windy season, from July to September.