MENJANGAN ISLAND - The reserve :
You can dive all around the island. Beautiful drops off with lots of hanging fauna : sea fans, sponges and corals.
It's a opportunity to see the pygmy seahorse ; Juvenile batfish and lobster entrenched in the crevices of falling, crocodile fish, varieties of anemonefish,  electric clam, etc...

Good visibility, hot water all year (between 28 and 30 degrees) and beautiful view of the Java volcanoes..
The non-divers can snorkeling in Menjangan also

2016: The entrance to the reserve is at your expense: 200,000 rph (about 14 euros per person per day)

Several sites on Pemuteran. Even wildlife on Menjangan, but not drop.

  • Puri Jati : Starting from the beach. Diving on black sand. Many tiny animals... Hippocampes, mimic octopus, ghost pipefish (delicate,robust or harlequin). A lot of different crabs and shrimps ... Must be done at least once... Addict macro photographers will be really interested !
  • Secret Bay : Starting from the beach. A little more muddy but always full of life. Seahorses, nudibranchs, cardinal fishes, bobbit worm, etc ... Water may be fresh and diving is more fun at high tide under the jetty.
To Menjangan island about 20-25 minutes by boat. Overthere, slightly to the right side in the background